Demolition / Dismantlement Services

The demolition, dismantlement and/or decontamination of structures demands the right combination of experience, technology and know-how.

SWS has extensive experience in the demolition, dismantling and decontamination of all types of buildings and structures including gas holders, steel tanks, API separators, transformers, chemical processing equipment, and pipelines. We specialize in the demolition of complex and difficult structures and in facilities contaminated with asbestos, acids, caustics, heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic, chrome, etc.) and radioactive materials.

We continually invest in technology and maintain a large fleet of specialized demolition equipment. This includes 400-series trackhoes with various demolition attachments (plate shears, rotating shears, thumbs, grapples, magnets, concrete processors, buckets, etc.), trackloaders with demolition buckets for handling debris, cranes, reinforced demolition trailers, high reach man lifts, torches, plasma arcs, manganese rods, and various other demolition equipment.

SWS has the ability to dismantle a structure in its entirety or perform selective dismantlement of a portion of the structure. SWS is capable of handling the most complex demolition projects.

Shears Used To Demolish An Above Ground Storage Tank Post Fire
Demolition/Dismantlement Services

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Former Waste Water Treatment Plant Undergoing Demolition
Demolition/Dismantlement Services

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  • OSHA Subpart T Pre-Demolition Surveys
  • Industrial, Commercial and Selective Demolition
  • Pre and Concurrent Demolition Hazard Removal
  • Debris Consolidation, Separation and Downsizing

Asset Recovery Services

SWS has been salvaging demolished building materials for reuse long before it was the "environmentally friendly" thing to do.

Smart recovery and salvage of retired assets requires a wide range of skills and knowledge to ensure that the equipment, structure or product lifecycle is being handled properly. Industrial asset recovery is what we do and have been doing for the past 30 years. We feel we are set apart from other companies in situations where asset recovery projects take on environmental concerns due to asbestos, lead, chemical contaminants or other hazardous materials because of our ability to remediate these hazards as we perform the recovery process.

  • Asset Value or Reuse Potential Determination
  • Property/Facility Walk Downs
  • Implementation of Asset Management Systems
  • State-of-the-Art Monitoring Equipment to Determine Metal Compounds, Component Sizes and Weights
  • Cost Estimates for Recovery Process
  • Evaluation of Environmental Impacts or Concerns Related to Assets

We are capable of setting up asset management systems for all phases of the recovery process. We maintain state-of-the-art monitoring and analysis equipment to assist our personnel in determining metal compounds, gauging component sizes and weights, and evaluating potential environmental concerns.


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