Hazardous Waste Transporter and 10-Day Transfer Facility Designation

What is a Hazardous Waste Transporter?

According to RCRA Subtitle C transporter requirements, a hazardous waste transporter is “any person engaged in the off-site transportation of hazardous waste within the United States, if such transportation requires a manifest. Off-site transportation of hazardous waste includes shipments from a hazardous waste generator’s facility property to another facility for treatment, storage, or disposal. Regulated off-site transportation includes shipments of hazardous waste by air, rail, highway, or water.

What is a 10-day transfer facility designation?

A transfer facility is defined as any transportation-related facility, such as loading docks, parking areas, storage areas, and other similar areas where shipments are held during the normal course of transportation. A transporter may hold waste at a transfer facility for up to 10 days.

how can sws environmental services help my business with hazardous waste transportation?

SWS Environmental Services has 17 service centers across the eastern United States that are approved 10-day transfer and storage facilities. We are registered and authorized to commence hazardous waste transfer and storage operations allowing containers and trucks in and out of our service centers. As transporters accepting hazardous waste from generators or other transporters, we can hold the waste for up to 10 days during the transportation process.

As a transporter of hazardous waste, we comply with EPA and DOT regulations, meaning we maintain an EPA ID number, comply with the waste manifest system and properly handle hazardous waste discharges if and when they occur. Also, designated locations are open to regular inspections and reviews conducted by regulatory and government agencies. These inspections ensure that our 10-day transfer and storage facilities are fully compliant with all laws, regulations and internal standards, ranging from employee health and safety to operations standards and codes.


What Are The Benefits of the 10-Day Hazardous Waste Transfer and Storage Capability?

The customer can benefit in a number of different ways from 10-Day hazardous waste transfer and storage capability:

  • In the event a customer needs to arrange for secondary transportation, the waste can be stored for up to ten days at the facility 
  • An authorized facility allows for afterhours transportation and storage of waste that would otherwise require costlier or more complicated arrangements 
  • Consolidation by SWS of outbound transportation loads to spread transportation overhead across multiple customers for more cost effective transportation and disposal price points 
  • The facility can be used as a “return to manufacturer staging site” eventually by common carrier should a client have a defective product or need to return a recovered product 

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