Sinkhole Cleanup, Demolition, and Site Restoration

Our waste management technicians are experts in cost-effective, comprehensive disposal and recycling at SWS Environmental Services. For example, we performed the remediation and removal of waste material from a 300 foot sinkhole, including the demolition and site restoration of a 3,000 square foot water treatment building and pre-treatment basin.

To begin this challenging project, SWSES performed the remediation of the sinkhole by removing the upper portions of the shallow surface. The crew then created a ramp to safely remove the contaminated material from the deepest parts of the sinkhole. The remediation yielded the removal of approximately 8,500 tons of specialized waste, using an excavator to surgically remove waste from previously tested locations. Sinkhole restoration activities included clearing and grubbing, the placement of 2,000 tons of rip-rap stone to secure the slope border of the former company’s employee parking lot, the placement of over 2,000 square yards of geotextile fabric prior, and the placement of over 5,500 tons of granular fill.

For the demolition activities, SWSES needed to size, load, transport, and recycle 100 tons of water treatment concrete structures at the site. The concrete included a two-story building, truck unload station, treatment pits, piping and basins. An excavator with a hydraulic hammer was used to break apart the concrete building and curbing to allow for the transportation and recycling of the concrete material. Sewer and discharge lines needed to be cut and capped, with 80 tons of pretreatment sludge and 10,000 gallons of impacted water removed from the system. To complete the site restoration, 100 tons of granular and top soil were placed, graded into the site location, and covered with erosion control fabric and blended approved grass seed.

Sinkhole Cleanup, Demolition, & Site Restoration
Sinkhole Cleanup, Demolition, & Site Restoration

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Sinkhole Cleanup, Demolition, and Site Restoration Project Details

Business Segment:
Site Remediation
Customer Segment:
Environmental Consulting
Heavy Equipment:
Excavator with Thumb Attachment
Excavator with Bucket Attachment
Excavator with Hydraulic Hammer
Ancillary Equipment:
Tri-Axle Dump Trucks
Disposal Methods:
Wastewater Treatment
Waste Streams:
Specialized Waste
Construction Debris
Impacted Water
Pre Treatment Sludge
PPE Protection Levels:
Level C
Level D
Training / Certifications:
OSHA 8-Hour HAZWOPER Supervisor
OSHA 10-Hour General Industry
CPR/First Aid/AED
Heavy Equipment Operations
Certified Industrial Hygenist (CIH)
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM)
RCRA Management
Activities Performed:
Soil Remediation
Waste Removal
Building Demolition
Site Restoration
Clearing and Grubbing
Containerization and Manifestation
Soil and Seeding

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