Specialized Maintenance Programs

Today's businesses face complex, interdependent challenges demanding strategies that balance efficiency and effectiveness. Resources are at a premium and time is critical in securing and maintaining competitive advantage. Environmental issues pose challenges to industry that often require special training, expertise and a dedicated workforce.

Our past experience with a wide range of environmental issues has afforded us the knowledge and ability to develop and deliver specialized services that enable businesses to focus their resources and personnel on their business goals instead of environmental matters. We work with environmental departments and/or department heads to develop a program that addresses specific needs related to environmental compliance, maintenance, or problem-solving. These programs are often turn-key and completely managed by SWS, from personnel, to supplies, to the end result.

Types of Specialized Maintenance Programs include:

  • Onsite, Embedded Environmental Techncians
  • Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) Equipment Maintenance
  • Utility-Dedicated Control, Clean and Clear Response Management
  • Multi-Site Inspection, Remediation and Disposal
  • Post-Incident and Post-Disaster Assessment Teams
  • OSHA Annual Onsite Refresher Training
  • Industry Specific Hazardous Material Training
  • Perennial Chemical Waste Stream Management
  • Oil Field Services Container Loading/Unloading
  • Customized Spill Kit Deployment, Maintenance, Inventory and Replenishment
  • Pipeline Locator, Right-of-Way Maintenance and Public Awareness Supplied Personnel
Transformer Mineral Oil Abatement using Vacuum Excavation
Specialized Maintenance Programs

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Monthly OSRO Equipment Inspection and Deployment
Specialized Maintenance Programs

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