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EnviroMatters was launched in September 2014 as a way to stay connected with our clients. Because we provide a variety of environmental services to such a wide array of industry, our intent is to comb through relevant and current news headlines to find the news that matters most. Whether its regulartory updates, breaking events, new discoveries or just old fashioned news, at SWS we want to be a resource for all things environmental. Enjoy.  
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  • January - Salvage: Making a bad situation worse | Water contamination in Michigan | Soil frost affects greenhouse gas emissions | MIT researchers aiming to save incandescent bulbs

2015 Enviromatters

  • December - Keystone Pipeline Veto | 5 Events that Require Emergency Response | Self Rowing Robots | Magic Sponge to Clean Up Oil Spills
  • November - Researchers explore use of Microbes to Clean Oil Spills | Hazardous Waste Removal Technology | NHL is Among Annual Conservation Award Winners 
  • October - 21-year-old inventor is launching a massive ocean cleaning system | Oil spill research priorities | Site Remediation    

  • September - Rules Target Hazardous Waste Management | 1,000s of Petroleum Leak Investigations Backlogged | Plastic Microbeads   

  • August - 3 Million Gallon Waste Spill in New Mexico | State Authority to Manage Coal Ash | Tightening of Safety For Oil by Rail  

  • July - Proposed Pipeline Rules | Drone Testing For Oil Spill Response  | Foreign Hazardous Waste Shipped To U.S. With No Controls
  • June - Oil Spill: Response Stepped Up | Contamination Found at Shipyards | EPA Releases $54.3 in Remediation Funds
  • May - New Federal Regs for Chemicals? | New East Texas Pipeline | U.S., China No. 1 and 2 for E-Waste 
  • April - New Rules for Blowout Preventers | Science Behind Oil Spills | Storage Capacity Becoming a Commodity 

  • March - $1.7B in Savings For Largest Trucking Fleets? | Your Spill Control Procedures | Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Plans
  • February - EPA Haz Waste Revision | Oil Spill Studies by Texas State | USF Scholarship Opportunity
  • January - Fossil Fuel Boom Raises Risks | Coal Ash Not 'Hazardous Waste' | E-Waste Recycling & Disposal

2014 enviromatters

  • November- Microbes For Soil Remediation | Navy Conducts Gulf Region Oil Spill Exercise | CSX Hosts First Responder CBR Training
  • October- Coast Guard Safety Alert - Barge Explosions | Oil & Gas Waste - Hazardous or Not? | Leaking Barrel of Nuclear Waste
  • September - Massive Oil Spill Threatens Mexican City | 5 Tank Truck Rollover Myths | Scientists Discover Hazardous Waste-Eating Bacteria


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