Long Term Remedial PCB Decontamination

SWS Environmental Services (SWSES) competitively bid and was awarded a building decontamination project in Beaumont, Texas that consisted of removing concrete surfacing within an older facility to expose polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contaminated soils. First, contaminated concrete was removed and the estimated excavation area was sampled. Upon receipt of the results, further excavation of the 5,000 square foot facility was required. Therefore, additional concrete was removed and the remaining contaminated soil was then excavated. All contaminated concrete and soil was containerized, profiled into an approved disposal facility, and transported for disposal. SWSES then imported 180 cubic yards of clean material and backfilled the excavated area in accordance with the engineered drawings. The backfill material was compacted utilizing onsite equipment according to required density specifications. After the backfill was placed and compacted, SWSES installed a new concrete surface consisting of 8" to 10" 4,000 psi concrete. The new concrete pour was engineered specifically to meet the new building codes and provide additional foundation support for the facility. 

Once the concrete replacement was complete, SWSES removed insulation from the walls and ceilings and collected it for subsequent characterization, profiling, transportation, and disposal. Personnel then covered all electrical components (e.g. lighting, panels, etc.,) and performed an electrical verification of each, before completing interior cleaning of the facility. This cleaning consisted of washing and hand scrubbing all surfaces, including floors, walls, ceiling, and structural beams, etc. utilizing pressure washers, man lifts, ride on scrubbers, pumps, vacuum trucks, and frac-tanks. 

After the cleaning was complete, SWSES re-applied insulation to the walls and ceilings where it was previously removed. While insulation was installed, personnel also removed paint from 29 columns up to a height of approximately 15 feet. Several paint removal techniques were employed, including dry ice blasting equipment and specialized handheld grinding equipment with HEPA vacuums to containerize contaminated dust migration. Paint chips were collected, containerized, sampled and labeled accordingly. One drum of TSCA Level PCB paint chips and one drum of NonTSCA Level PCB paint chips were collected and disposed of at approved disposal facilities.

Once the drums were removed, the columns were repainted along with several other walls and components within the facility. All electrical components were uncovered and another electrical verification walk thru was conducted and documented. Once all site activities were complete, SWSES demobilized from the site. 

The entire project spanned nearly four months and required supervisors, equipment operators and technicians to complete, dressed out in Level C and D PPE. Total materials removed included 165 tons of contaminated soil, 294 tons of concrete, one rolloff of debris and miscellaneous materials.

Site Remediation - PCB Decontamination
Site Remediation - PCB Decontamination

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Remediation: Long Term Remedial PCB Decontamination Project Details

Business Segment:

Ancillary Equipment:
Pickup Trucks
Pressure Washers
Floor Scrubbers

Frac Tank                                                                       Tractor with Lowboy Trailer                                       Trash Pump

Specialized Paint Removal Tools
Dry Ice Blast Equipment
Vacuum Trucks

Manlifts                                                                           Roll Off Containers                                                     Roll Off Trucks

Disposal Methods:

Waste Streams:
TSCA Level PCB Paint Chips
Non TSCA Level PCB Paint Chips
Non TSCA PCB Soils
Non TSCA PCB Waste Water
Non TSCA PCB Concrete
Non TSCA PCB Construction and Demolition Debris

Non TSCA PCB Insulation                                       Specialized Waste (e.g. Paint Cans) 

PPE Protection Levels:
Level C
Level D
Training / Certifications:
CPR/First Aid/AED
Fall Protection
Heavy Metals
Lock Out/Tag Out
Hi Lift Operation
OSHA 8-Hour HAZWOPER Supervisor
Medical Monitoring for Metals
Respiratory Protection
Activities Performed:
Safety Plan Preparation Submittal
Work Plan Preparation Submittal
Insulation Removal
Insulation Replacement
Concrete Removal

Concrete Replacement                                             Column Repair                                                           Paint Removal                                                             Painting                                                                         Electrical Verfication                                                   Decontamination Preparation 

Building Decontamination
Waste Removal, Packaging, Transportation, and Disposal
Power Washing

Loading                                                                         Concrete Breaking and Downsizing                       Backfilling                                                                     Compaction                                                                   Site Restoration           

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